Key Documents

Contributing to the development of confident educated young South Africans is in everybody’s interest, especially business. The positive contribution we are making to the fabric of our society is only one aligned objective.

The perpetuating cycle of poverty is counter-productive to the country’s economy and needs more than one role player to address the problem. It is a well-known fact that that corporate-NGO partnerships improves business understanding of social and environmental issues and in many cases business practices have been changed for the better as a result.

Input, outcome and impact is measurable: For every child, a sponsorship funds amongst other things: an instrument and all its accessories, music books, music lessons, group participation, daily meals, transport, international accreditation, performances, costumes and very often personal care (medical, hygiene, visual, social etc).

KMA is actively seeking new partnerships with CSI departments that would substantially enhance the sustainability of the organisation. Please contact for a tailor made information pack.