KMA offers young people a safe, loving and inspiring space to spend their afternoons, master music instruments, and receive homework assistance, career guidance and mentorship. But at our present rented premises, our reach is limited, engagement with the larger community is stunted. The time has come to change that.

Please help us secure our Forever Home!

The new premises (our forever home) will grant us:

New income generation

At the moment our only income is generated from fundraising initiatives. This property will allow for commercial income generation.

Reduction in running costs

The running costs of our premises will decrease from R390,000/year to R160,000/year.

Increase in space

We currently only have sufficient space for 42% of our children per day, this would increase to 65%.

Increase in community engagement

Community engagement will increase, and the new forever home would allow for skills development, entrepreneurship and job creation.

Please Donate

With your help we can secure our Forever Home and thereby secure our promise to every child: We will do everything we can to lift you up, encourage your growth and champion your future… one note at a time.

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Kronendal Music Academy
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A Few Words From the KMA Family

We have identified a property in Hout Bay, Cape Town which answers all our needs: it is off the grid, has income potential, features the correct zoning, is visible and accessible and offers more space for development projects. 

Here we can create an impact free environment where we can invite like-minded organisations in Hout Bay to partner with us in creating proactive and inclusive designs for development and growth. Where our activities are aligned with Government initiatives to strengthen our beautiful country.

This property is sustainable because it will reduce our monthly overheads and provide increased job creation for community. There is income generation potential and a chance to give school leavers opportunities to explore their future and gain experience.

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