KMA Pupil Wellbeing Programmes

The KMA Pupil Wellbeing Programmes are Born!

For 16 years we have safely transported our pupils to and from KMA in our School Bus and provided a healthy meal for every child in our Lunch club. Medical assistance, eyes tests and glasses have always been part of caring for our children. This year, one of our dreams came true: to employ our own social worker and create a Psycho-Social Support department at KMA.

Together with our Music Therapy programme, this department ensures every child is engaged in a focus group of some kind – whether it is themed (“bullying” in 2022), leadership skills or our Peer Mentor group. Post-Covid school stress made it imperative that we include school homework support and we brought in 4 tutors to assist our children. This has formed the Zero-Dropout Programme, teaching our children basic reading and literacy skills, studying processes, maths tutoring and language skills.

Listen to Kirstyn and Marchane explain what the Psycho-Social department got up to this year here