Distinguished Aviwe!

Despite the odds, long-standing KMA pupil, Aviwe Mkhapuza, decided to give it his best for his Grade 6 Trinity Jazz Saxophone exam in May 2019. He had not had a teacher for 6 months, lost his music at the last minute and was still dealing with the traumatic effects of being hi-jacked in an Uber a few weeks earlier. But he knew he had nothing to lose to see how far he could get. Always optimistic and with an open smile on his face, he immediately endeared himself to the examiner by admitting honestly, “I don’t know this piece very well, so I may not play it like this!” Nonetheless, he did his best and walked out of there with a distinction for his efforts. Many thanks must be given to everyone who supported and encouraged him along the way. This young man has the determination needed to make his dream of studying music one day, come true.