COVID-19 UPDATE: May 2020

What we have learnt from Lockdown so far… Pupils who were able to keep their instruments at home when we went into Lockdown, have started lessons at home with their teachers, via WhatsApp video and voice notes. It’s not ideal, but we know that the contact with their teachers makes a huge difference. With no routine, no support from schools and no safe afternoon space from KMA, our children’s lives have been turned upside down. Parents are struggling to keep them occupied and trauma has been immeasurably intensified. Already, we have had feedback from our teachers that pupils are lapping up the time spent with them, teachers are getting to know the parents better and have an insight into their living conditions for the first time ever. We can’t possibly post all the wonderful pictures our families have sent us of our pupils practising during this difficult time, but please visit our gallery page for infinite inspiration.