Kronendal Music Academy is committed to building up young people, with music as a medium, to achieving their full potential.

We seek to encourage mutual respect between our staff and the young people at all times and ultimately within our own communities.

KMA strives to develop dignity, and a sense of self-worth in all its pupils and staff alike.

Our staff serve as role models in behaviour, self-control, kindness and professionalism.

Our staff recognise and utilise opportunities to bring relief to our stressed pupils even if only for short periods of time.

Our staff go the extra mile for our pupils in all we do, because we understand that these young people’s lives are full of harsh, unavoidable challenges.

KMA believes every young person deserves to feel the magic of self-esteem, and we encourage pupils to achieve small victories on a daily basis.

KMA believes in a symbiotic relationship between staff and pupils, as we strive to learn from their complicated circumstances and backgrounds.

Our staff believe that above all else music tuition must be fun, with a healthy balance of education, discipline and progress.