KMA 100’s Campaign

Just the other day we were working our veggie garden and one of our pupils asked, “Ma’am, wouldn’t it be nice to name sections of our garden and trees after people?”

Over the next few months we want to raise 100 x R100, 100 x €100, 100 x £100 and 100 x $100 to keep bringing the magic of music to our pupils during the next few months.

To show our gratitude, we would love to name

  • a veggie patch; or
  • an indigenous South African tree; or
  • a fruit tree

… after each donor. The trees and veggies will all be planted on the KMA land and all taken care of by our pupils themselves.

Your veggies and fruit will feed our families and our children will sit under the shade of your tree, and we’ll update you on their growth and harvests. Why not dedicate your gift to a loved one or friend, or honour an occasion or achievement? Your plants and trees will grow and grow as a living testament to others, and continue to give the gift of life, while we continue giving the gift of music.

Make a 100’s donation below and be a “100’s 100”!

Other ways to donate