Your support of our commitment to the vulnerable youth in Hout Bay can take many forms: consider adopting an individual pupil, or providing a group of youngsters with guaranteed weekly tuition.

Become the patron of one of our growing ensembles or help us fly the KMA flag proud and high by sponsoring our Jazz Band on its upcoming UK tour. Equally as important, support the selfless staff who make it all happen: Contrary to unrealistic beliefs in the world of finance, the folk who run NGO’s also need to make a basic living and KMA is proud to be putting into action the essential need for job creation in our recovering country.

Individual Tuition
Gift the joy of music to many pupils at once
R2 800
Will fund a promising pupil for one school term (10 lessons)
R5 600
Will give security to a committed young musician for 6 months.
R12 000
Will invest in one of our dedicated, responsible and long-standing pupils for a year.
Group Tuition
Gift the joy of music to many pupils at once
R4 000
Will introduce the magic of music to a minimum of 10 brand new beginner pupils at a time.
R8 000
Will give promising groups a chance to learn for 6 months.
R16 000
Will offer developing musicians in one group to a chance as candidates for individual lessons after one year.
Instruments and Materials
Making music
R2 000
Will equip our pupils with the latest grades in Trinity College of London or Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music syllabi for high quality learning.
R2 500 - R8 000
Will provide entry-level to high-quality instruments for our budding musicians.
R3 500
Will provide our pupils’ instruments with slide grease, valve oil, strings, rosin, reeds, neck straps and lip guards for 3 months.
Running Costs
The nuts and bolts
R7 200
Transports our pupils from their schools to KMA and home again 6 days a week for a school term.
R10 500
Feeds our 100+ pupils 5 days a week for a school term.
R20 000
Provides basic households services such as electricity and water for 6 months.