CSI Facilitation

We have partnered with Participlan to run strategy facilitation workshops to shift towards more genuine and authentic CSI, that contributes to addressing urgent social and environmental challenges.

Ensuring  that supporting worthy communities can transform into a rewarding & profitable investment

About Us

KMA Strategy Facilitation is a project of Kronendal Music Academy (KMA).

Since 2007, KMA has provided more than 2000 children from our impoverished communities in Hout Bay with the magic of music education. We know that   music is a powerful tool in developing children into the future-fit, confident and creative citizens the world needs.

We also know the potential of meaningful investment in community projects by conscious companies, and we want to help your business prepare the best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSI) plan possible.

Just like an orchestra, by engaging  with the expertise and wisdom of your team, along with a CSI specialist, there is a greater possibility of a successful outcome than utilising the services of an expert on the subject.

The Problem

CSI spending can feel like a confusing and annoying “box to be ticked.”

Economic consequences of lockdown have re-defined  the importance of impact investment.

Increased job losses and disrupted learning has left a large population of young people facing a very uncertain future.

Imagine if...

… the “where, why and how” was an effortless process that demonstrated to your stakeholders your commitment to alleviating the negative consequences of the pandemic.

… your company’s genuine and authentic CSI objectives contributed to addressing urgent social and environmental challenges in SA – and consequently attracted new investment.

… you felt ease and confidence about leaving your footprint on the path to this beautiful country’s restoration and re-growth, ultimately ensuring perpetuity for both.

The Solution

1. Create a CSI strategy that aligns to your company objectives and serves appropriate communities.

2. Arrive at an outcome that aligns to people, planet and prosperity – with the full buy-in of your team.

3. Develop a roadmap that aligns to the perpetuity of your business, with a  seamless transition from  past strategies.

How we get there

Introduce the meeting
Introduction, agenda, explanation and warm-up question.

Create context
What are our CSI objectives?

Explore the current situation
What do we ideally need to have in place to achieve the result?

Build the solution
What do we see as the solution?

Next step?

Stakeholder presentation
Strategy is captured into a presentation, post-workshop, to deliver to stakeholders for buy-in, explaining how ‘XYZ’ will help them achieve their     objectives.

Why this process?

Taps into the wisdom of the group and eliminates emotion around “whose idea it is”.

There is time to tackle all the issues – the process is quick and efficient, saving +/- 50% of normal meeting time.

You end up with a well-structured plan and a clear message to deliver to your organisation and stakeholders.

Opportunity cost is reduced, using peoples’ time more productively.

An audit trail of the discussion provides a high level of comfort for the participants.

The Team

KMA Strategy Facilitation has teamed up with renowned facilitator, Peter Thomas, to utilise his ground-breaking ‘Visual mapping tool’ “Participlan”.

As we slowly ease out of lockdown restrictions, Participlan is now also available virtually as “Participlan-online”. Or, you might opt for the in-person process at your offices.

Companies for whom Participlan has recently facilitated interventions include Old Mutual Properties, Achievement Awards Group, Property24, Peninsula Beverages (15 workshops), Shell Oil, Unitrans, CSIR (AMPTS), Sanlam, Lesedi, Daimler Finance, Samsung, Afribooks, Indutech, SARS, Nedbank Property Finance, Mutual and Federal and many others.

KMA Founder and Director, Dwyn Griesel, has over 27 years of teaching experience and has intimate knowledge of the NGO sector, and its cutting edge CSI possibilities.



A minimum donation to KMA of R18 000 will secure you:

  • 18A tax certificate
  • BBB-EE points towards your SED contributions – KMA has a level 1 BBB-EE status and will furnish you with the necessary certificate to that effect
  • Pre – and post – workshop briefing
  • Participlan Session Facilitation
  • Zoom and Miro resources for the online process
  • Translation into a full, electronic report
  • Final presentation for delivery to stakeholders (Staff, Board, Clients, Suppliers)

Next Steps

This facilitation process is a win-win-win:

  • Your workshop results in a strategy to increase the effectiveness of your CSI
  • whilst the cost of the  workshop directly benefits a credible NGO
  • and provides you with additional value in terms of tax benefits and SED points.

CSI has again become a core issue in the post-pandemic era. Thriving businesses are those with a strong CSI commitment with effective CSI strategies and efficient implementations.

Contact us to start the process.
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